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Welcome To daycare at the Mansfield Canine Centre

Here we will walk you through the process of how to sign your dog(s) up to become a member of the Mansfield Doggy Day Care family, and outline some of our rules to help you decide whether our daycare and other services will be suitable for you and your dog.

Firstly, it’s very important to establish whether the Mansfield Doggy Day Care Centre is the right place for your dog…

Our number one priority is the safety and happiness of all dogs in our care. If your dog has any history of aggression to either other dogs or humans, or you believe they may have the potential to do so, then unfortunately our centre will not be suitable. For the protection of our staff and other dogs at our centre, we operate a zero tolerance policy towards aggression which will see any aggressive behaviour resulting in the permanent suspension of registration.

In addition to this, we also operate a good routine policy where we require dogs to be booked in at least once a week as a reoccurring fixed daycare to keep them familiar with the daycare environment. Our centre would not be suitable if you are only looking for one-off care or if you are unable to commit to reoccurring daycare. You can read further details on our Good Routine Policy and Reoccurring Daycare below.

We are also unable to accept new registrations of entire males over the age of 18 months old.

All dogs joining daycare will be required to attend an initial three hour long assessment (trial session) where we will assess their suitability before booking in for regular daycare.

Please see further down this page for more details on our policies on good routines, entire males and zero tolerance towards aggression, plus further information on the assessment process and why it’s important.


How To Register

It’s nice and easy to sign your dog up and can all be done online via our customer portal! Simply follow the steps below to create your account and once you’re done, you will then be able to book your dog in for their all important initial assessment.


Create An Account On Our Customer Portal

Simply select create account and complete the required information. Once chosen your login credentials, you will then be required to complete the following…

A customer profile
A pet profile for each of your pets
Emergency Contact details
Vet information
Vaccination Details

Vaccination Check

Please ensure you complete the required information in the vaccination section. All dogs attending daycare must be fully up-to-date on their standard vaccinations. We will require the date that your dogs vaccinations are due to expire, along with uploaded photo/scan proof of their vaccination card. When uploading proof, please ensure the image is clear and shows some identifiable information such as microchip number, name/breed or owner information, so we are able to match the card with the registered dog. If you don’t have the vaccination card to hand, we can accept proof directly from your vets, please contact us if this is the case.

We also require all dogs to be vaccinated against kennel cough. Please ensure proof of kennel cough is also uploaded. Due to this being a live vaccine and can be highly contagious, a minimum of 10 days isolation following the vaccination will be required before dogs are able to attend/return to daycare.

Once the vaccination check has been reviewed and validated by ourselves, you will then be able to book in for an assessment.

Please note that we are able to accept puppies from 14 days after they have received their final set of puppy vaccinations.


Book An Assessment Slot

Once the above steps have been completed, you will then be able to see what slots we have available and book in.

Simply select “Book Now”, choose the assessment option, choose your preferred day and pick an available time that works for you.

Moving forward, our customer portal will be the place to go to request daycare, view previous, ongoing and upcoming bookings, track payments and credit on account, safely and securely pay online and to keep yours and your pets details up-to-date.

If you have any issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email and one of our team will be more than happy to help.


What Is An Assessment?

The assessment, or also known as a trial session, is an important part of a dogs registration to daycare. Every dog must attend an assessment in order to complete their full registration before they are eligible to book-in to our centre.

The assessment (trial session) is absolutely key to first of all enabling your dog to get to know our centre and its environment, but it’s also the perfect chance for our staff to get to know your dog as well.

During the assessment, our staff will gradually introduce your dog to all aspects of our centre at a pace that is completely dictated by your dogs ability to settle in. Our staff are highly trained and are very experienced in analysing a dogs mood/emotion by assessing their body language and behaviours, and they will use this information and their skills to help your dog to settle into our environment.

Although we’d love to accept every dog that visits our centre, sometimes the day care environment can be very excitable  with all the different smells, noises and playing which might not be suitable for every dog. Likewise, day care is not always suitable for dogs who are nervous, anxious or over-excitable. Please don't be offended if we decide that your dog is not suitable for our day care, this is not a negative reflection on you or your dog.

The happiness and well being of all the dogs in our care is paramount and we will always do our absolute best to ensure we get the balance right for the enjoyment of the dogs in our care.


What Happens During The Assessment?

The duration of the session is usually 3 hours long and allows your dog to have a slow introduction to our centre, where they will usually have the opportunity to roam around one of our play areas alone with one of our doggy day care assistants, before being slowly introduced to other playmates already at daycare. This trial session also gives our staff the perfect opportunity to get to know your dog and build a character profile of them which helps us ensure that your dog is having the best day ever each time he/she visits the centre.

As this is a trial session, we will require you to be contactable for the duration of the 3 hours as we may need to contact you if your dog needs collecting any earlier. This may be necessary if your dog is struggling to settle in to the daycare environment. We of course will do everything to ease your dog in however it’s very important that your dogs first experience is a happy one and therefor a shorter session may be more suitable.

Following the assessment, one of our doggy day care team will let you know how everything went. For some dogs we may recommend starting off with our 3 hour Confidence Builder Sessions and then gradually increasing the hours before allowing them to stay for a full day in order to ease them into daycare and help them adjust. As mentioned previously, this wouldn’t be a negative reflection on you or your dog, however just the best plan of action with your dogs welfare in mind.

Reoccurring Daycare

In order to have an active registration at Mansfield Doggy Day Care, all customers are required to commit to a minimum of one booking per week as a reoccurring daycare. This is a minimum of one half daycare or full daycare on a fixed day of the week on an ongoing basis. Each booking selected as a reoccurring daycare will secure your dog a guaranteed space.

Reoccurring daycare will receive our Reoccurring Discount, with your bill being cut by between 5 and 20%, depending on the number of days booked each week.

Provided the minimum requirements have been met, you will still have the option to request any additional daycare needed on an ad hoc basis, however these spaces will not be guaranteed until booked and will be secured as first-come-first-serve. Ad Hoc bookings will be subject to our standard daycare pricing.

As we will be continuously guaranteeing a space for your dog for their reoccurring daycare, we are only able to accept cancellations for booked holidays, females in season, rest/isolation periods following events such as surgery or kennel cough vaccines or serious illness/injuries. 

Our current cancellation policy of 24 hours notice will apply to any ad hoc days.

For long absences, it will be determined on an individual basis by our daycare staff on whether a dog will require a reassessment or a gradual reintroduction upon return to daycare.

Key Benefits

  • Guaranteed place for your dog.
  • A healthy routine and familiarity for your dog.
  • Automated bookings.

Our Good Routine Policy

Just like children’s nurseries and schools, you must be prepared to commit for the sake of the child. There really isn’t much difference between a child attending nursery and a dog attending our doggy daycare centre. A good routine and regular visits will ensure consistent results as your dog becomes familiar with our environment.

We aspire to be as flexible as possible when it comes to the options available for booking daycare however at the same time, considerations have to be made to ensure we have a happy environment for all our dogs. We’ve noticed that those who dip in and out of daycare every few weeks find it much more difficult to settle, this isn’t good for your dogs or indeed other dogs present at daycare as their dynamics and characteristics thrive on familiarity, routines and consistency.

Because of this, in order to have an active registration at our daycare, it is required that each dog commits to a minimum of one reoccurring fixed daycare per week, this can be for either a half or full daycare. Any bookings included in the reoccurring fixed daycare will be a guaranteed space. It is possible to request additional days on an ad hoc basis when needed. This means regular customers bring regular dogs leading to a happy and established dog group dynamic. When people see our dynamic and how well the dogs interact and how much better they settle into our environment, they realise that committing to at least one session every week makes absolute sense.

Special circumstances such as holidays, changes at work and illnesses will be taken into consideration and reviewed on an individual basis.

We unfortunately will not be able to accept new registrations if the minimum of one reoccurring fixed daycare per week is not able to be committed to.

If a dog is absent from daycare for an extended period of time, they may be required to attend a reassessment or may require a gradual reintroduction to daycare to settle back into the daycare environment. This will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Zero Tolerance Towards Aggression

Here at Mansfield Doggy Day Care we operate a zero tolerance policy towards aggression whether it be to other dogs or our staff. The safety of our daycare dogs and staff members is absolutely paramount. If your dog has ever previously bitten or believe that he/she may have the potential to do so, then unfortunately our centre wouldn’t be a suitable service for your dog.

Entire Males

Please be aware that we are unable to accept new registrations of entire males over the age of 12 months old. Entire males under this age are welcome to register and attend daycare however their registration may be temporarily suspended once they have reached the age of 12 months old until they have been neutered.

For certain breeds we understand that some vets are now reluctant to neuter dogs prior to the age of 18 months. In the event of a vet being unwilling to neuter a dog at 12 months old, we would then consider allowing the dog to continue attending daycare up to the age of 18 months old, providing said dog hasn’t had any behavioural changes which are causing issues at daycare such as humping. This would be assessed on a dog by dog basis.

Please be aware that it may be necessary to temporarily suspend registration of an entire male earlier than the age limits mentioned above in the event of behavioural changes such has humping.

Once a dog has been neutered, he will then be required to attend a reassessment before resuming regular daycare.


All dogs attending day care must be fully up-to-date on their standard vaccinations and proof of this will be requested prior to the assessment. Please note that if your dog has missed their booster vaccination and are having to restart the cycle, or if you have a puppy who has been vaccinated for the first time, 14 days is required following their final set of vaccinations before they are able to visit our centre.

We also require the Kennel Cough Vaccine. Although the vaccination doesn’t provide 100% protection against all strains of kennel cough, it has still proven to be very effective at preventing the infection or reducing the severity of symptoms. Being a doggy day care centre, there is a higher risk of transmission which is why we do everything we can to minimise this risk, and therefore require the vaccine. In addition to this, as the kennel cough vaccine is a live vaccination, we also require a minimum of 10 days to pass after being given the vaccination before dogs return to the centre.


Still Have A Question?

A - Unfortunately we cannot allow you to stay for the duration of the assessment as it’s important to see how your dog behaves without you present. Dogs can sometimes display different behaviours when owners are present which of course wouldn’t give a true reflection of how they would usually be for daycare, as owners wouldn’t be there then either.

A - If you do wish to see our facilities before booking in, you can find lots of photos on our Facebook page and in our gallery. We unfortunately can’t allow viewings during the day as many people coming in and out of the dog rooms can be very unsettling for the dogs in our care, therefor we can only allow viewings at the end of the day at around 5:30pm-6pm on an appointment only basis. Please contact us to book.

A - Dogs are allowed to attend 2 weeks after they have received their full course of vaccinations.

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