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Please note - we are currently taking a break from running our training classes at the moment and anticipate to resume sessions in the summer of 2022. Those subscribed to our mailing list will be notified of the return.


Our Games Based Dog Training Classes

Our Games Based Dog Training Classes, inspired by internationally recognised dog trainers “Absolute Dogs”, are 5 weeks of fun, enjoyable and most importantly effective training techniques to help both you and your dog!

Using nothing but positive reinforcement methods and specially designed fun games for your dog, our classes will give you the tools and techniques to get those positive behaviours everyone desires from their furry pal.

Via the power of specially designed games for each training objective, your dog will be learning whilst playing, and you, the owner, will be the one who’s providing all that fun play for them. In fact, it will be so much fun, it’s likely neither you or your dog will even recognise it as work.

Details of dates and times for each block of classes are released by email and places are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Classes are delivered by our qualified Pro Dog Trainer Janet who will also be there to help and advise on any questions you may have.


Throughout the 5 sessions, you can expect to cover the following:

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This is to teach dogs to listen and respond no matter what’s happening in the environment. Building focus is a key life skill and lesson and will help you in those moments when you really need your dogs attention.

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Boundary Games

When everything in life is so exciting dogs need to be able to show self control in spite of the environment. Boundary games are key to this. Teaching boundaries enables you to keep control.

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This lesson is all about confidence and making novelty normal. No more out-of-character reaction to unusual things, a confident dog will have the ability to face those unique situations.

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Leash Off, Game On

Its all about relationships and off leash confidence for stress free walks. Those free runs become more fun for your dog and less stressful for you.

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Learning to play with your dog isn’t just fun, but it’s an important skill too. Those essential relationships can be strengthened through the absolute power of play.

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A confident dog helps a dog to become a calm dog too. Sometimes behaviour’s are related to low confidence or even on occasions over confidence. Our lessons will help focus that confident energy in the right places.

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Daily life presents novelty all the time and we need dogs to be confident with that.

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A love for proximity is a love for recall, walking nice on the lead and for your relationship.

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Fitness Fun

Fitness games builds a dogs fitness and gets your dog thinking using there brain with the added bonus of building your bond.


We run our classes at different times throughout the year. Simply fill out your details below and tick the training check box to sign up to our training contact list and be notified of upcoming classes. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Price £75.00

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